That’s correct. All of the hard work, research, time, and passion we put into our articles, blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, webinars, and other content can be undone by one “meh” title.


But, before we overcorrect and enter the realm of clickbait (please don’t), let’s take a step back and examine the headlines that entice people to click in the first place.


  • Helpful Headlines: “Browsing” is a cliché. We’re actively looking for answers or information whenever we search online. Making headlines that are valuable to your readers can help you capture their attention while they search for information.
  • Urgent Headlines: People are compelled to click on urgent headlines because they are afraid of missing out on something they desire or need.
  • Unique Headlines: Headlines with a twist stand out and make it nearly impossible for your readers to resist clicking.
  • Long & Descriptive Headlines: These headlines inform you precisely what to expect in very particular ways. If they frequently contain an odd number, you’ll get bonus points.


How to Compose a Punchy Headline


Figuring out what types of headlines cause people to click is half the battle.  The other is writing it.


  • Summarize the information: Use the headline to give a taste of what the rest of the content has to offer.
  • Make it crystal clear: To be unusual or attract attention, don’t forsake clarity. Before they invest time in your material, people still want to know what they’ll receive out of it.


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