1. Use only the finest media

Use only top quality photos and videos on your Facebook ads. Make sure you are using the correct image file type and a decent resolution. Check out the Facebook Ads Guide.

2. Choose a focal point

Make sure your design has a focal point where you want to direct the user’s attention. It’s very important that you do not confuse or overwhelm with too much information. You can crop the image, add bold text, or add an interesting image. Learn More Here

3. Think like your audience

Tailor your design around what would appeal to your spectators and make sure you emphasize how it will help them. Learn More Here

4. Keep it short and sweet

If you are using a video in your ad, make sure you limit the time to 15 seconds or even LESS. Attention span is becoming increasingly limited and you want to ensure your video is not ignored. See How

5. Use carousel ads

Take advantage of Facebook carousels to promote your product. It allows you to showcase different products or services you are offering, explain your features in more detail or display multiple images/videos to captive your audience’s attention. See How

6. Convert your photos to videos

Try using Adobe spark to add animation to photos. It is a free application and it can be very effective to add some interesting effects to your images. See How

7. Create multiple ads

Adobe spark allows you to create a plethora of ads from just 1 or 2 images. Learn More Here

8. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Try one or all of the tips listed and see what works best. You could also create a split test to help you decide what ad is most effective.