Brewery Branding

Brauwerk Hoffmany

Brauwerk Hoffman Brewery Branding was a project aimed at rebranding the brewery to reflect its rich heritage and craftsmanship. Through a new logo, packaging, and marketing materials, the design communicated the brewery’s traditional brewing methods and commitment to quality. As a result, Brauwerk Hoffman Brewery experienced significant growth, expanding to two locations, winning awards, and being featured in magazines and newspapers.


The goal of the branding project for Brauwerk Hoffman was to reflect the brewery’s rich heritage and craftsmanship while effectively communicating their traditional brewing methods and commitment to quality1. By launching their brand with a fresh logo, packaging, and marketing materials, Brauwerk Hoffman aimed to create a strong brand identity that resonated with their target audience and differentiated them in the market.



At Zesty Design Co, we took a comprehensive approach to designing the branding for Brauwerk Hoffman Brewery. We conducted extensive research into the brewery’s history and values, using that information to develop a brand strategy that effectively communicated their unique selling points. Combining modernity with traditional elements, we crafted a visual identity that captured the essence of the brewery. The packaging design showcased the new branding while also considering practicality for different beer types. We also developed a range of marketing collateral, such as trade show booths, signs, banners, and stationery, that aligned with the new brand identity.


Zesty Design Co’s branding efforts impacting the brewery’s achievements, the opening of a second location, and establishing strong brand awareness in the industry.