Das Studio has evolved! Not only in the quality of our work, but also in our total brand identity. We celebrate our 6th year of Making Brands Better. We are blessed to work with our lovely local and worldwide clients. It was time for a rebrand to match our ever-growing passion and dedication to exceptional design.


New Colour Palette

We’ve said goodbye to monochromatic teal and Hello to fresh, vibrant colours for our brand. Our new colour pallets highlight our personality and professional services. We don’t limit ourselves to any singular design trend, so why should be we bound to a singular colour? Just as there are thousands of unique businesses, there are limitless design possibilities.

Two Distinct Words

You may have noticed the added space in Das Studio. We did this to clear up any confusion on the name. Capitalizing the two words has shed light on the meaning of the title — “Das Studio” (that’s German for “The Studio”). Yes, we’re that fancy. 

Refined Slogan

After much thought, we feel that we have found a slogan that defines us! Making Brands Better. Yep, that is our mission, summarized in three words. It made sense to add this to our logo tagline since this is exactly what we do! It is our passion and privilege to create sleek and functional designs for each brand we work with.

Gimme More

Besides our visual brand identity, we’ve revamped the Das Studio website. Our website has gone through a full makeover and extensive testing. Its’ performance and appearance are top-notch, head to toe. It’s not only really ridiculously good-looking, but it is also intelligent. Now, that’s sexy!