Naming Your Business

Naming Your Business

Naming your business can be scary and it should be done carefully since it will represent you wherever you go!

What’s in a name?
For a business name to be an effective advertising tool it must be easily understood by the consumer what your business does and who the targeting audience is. Being mysterious or misleading will confuse and drive customers away.

Some things to think about:

Does it clearly describe the products or services offered?
Don’t waste anyone’s time by giving the wrong impression about your products and/or services.

Does it reflect the values of your business?
Think about how you want your business to be perceived.

Is the name memorable?
Separate yourself from the competition by being unique. Choose a name that doesn’t already exist in the market. Keep it simple and avoid abbreviations and acronyms. Names that are easy to pronounce and spell are easy to remember.

Are you legally allowed to use it?
By law, your business name cannot be the same or similar to an existing corporate name or trademark. To avoid running into this issue do some online research to be sure that it is unique!

Naming your business is one of the hardest decisions you will face when launching your business. You may come across advice that is based on people’s opinions and preferences and not on practical evidence.

Hiring a professional can help you with creating a perfect name and navigating the trademark laws.