WordPress recently launched their latest version of WordPress 5 on December 6, 2018. You may have noticed a striking difference in how the page editor appears. Don’t let it intimidate you! We will walk you through–step by the step–the basic editing process using the new WordPress default editor (AKA “The Gutenberg”) and you it’s not so scary after all.

 After you are logged into your WordPress site, find the “posts” section on the left side of your screen.

Click on the page you wish to edit and you will see the new editor screen, which looks like this:

Here is the old editor in case you need a refresher…

The editing screen is now made up of “blocks”. Blocks are a great way to quickly add content (text, images, galleries, videos, buttons and more) to your web page. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert designer, the new platform allows you to arrange and edit blocks of content to create an attractive website.

You will see there are two tabs on the right: document and block. Document is where you’ll find your publishing settings, featured image and page layout options. Block is where you’ll find your block settings (for instance, text color and size options).

Type in your title in the bold area and then type your content right below. Simply click enter to go to the next section.

Images can be quickly added from your media library or directly from you computer by clicking the plus (+) sign then simply locate the image icon.

You can style your text by using the settings on the right panel under the “block” tab.

Once you are ready to publish your web page, click that familiar blue publish button!